A Hard Day’s Night Quotes

George: That’s not your grandfather.
Paul: It is, you know.
George: But I’ve seen your grandfather; he lives in your house.
Paul: Oh, that’s my other grandfather, but he’s my grandfather as well.
John: How do you reckon that one out?
Paul: Well, everyone’s entitled to two, aren’t they, and this is my other one.

John: ’Ello, grandfather!
Grandfather: ’Ello!
John: He can talk then, can he?
Paul: ’Course he can talk. He’s a human being, isn’t he?
Ringo: Well, if he’s your grandfather, who knows? Ha ha ha ha!

Norm: ’Ey!
Everyone: Who’s that little old man?
Norm: Well, who is he?
Ringo: He belongs to Paul.

John: Give us a kiss.

Man: I fought the war for your sort!
Ringo: I bet you’re sorry you won!

Paul: ’Ey, mister, can we have our ball back?

Norm: Your grandfather pointed out that Shake was always bein’ taller than me just to spite me!

George: Ey, look at the talent!
John: Let’s give ’em a pull.
Paul: Should I?
George: Aye, but don’t rush. None of your five bar gate jumps and over sort of stuff.
Paul: What’s that supposed to mean?
George: I don’t know; I thought it just sounded distinguished-like.
John: George Harrison, the Scouse of distinction.

Paul: Excuse me, but these young men I’m sitting with wondered if two of us could come over and join you. I’d ask you meself, only I’m shy.
Grandfather: I’m sorry, miss! You musn’t fraternize with me prisoners!
Pattie: Prisoners?

Norm: He’s been gone a long time.
Shake: Who?
Norm: Paul’s grandfather.
Shake: Oh, I didn’t notice. Where’d he go?
Norm: Down the uh.
Shake: Oh, down the uh.
Norm: Yeah, down the uh.
Shake: Oh, well, give him a couple of minutes then.

Paul: If you’ve lost him, I’ll cripple ya!

George: Going in, then?
Ringo: No, she’ll only reject me in the end, and I’ll be frustrated.

John: I betcha can’t guess what I was in for! Ha ha ha ha ha!

Norm: The place is surging with girls!
John: Please, sir, sir, can I have one to surge me, sir, please, sir?
Norm: No ya can’t!

Ringo: Do I snore, John?
John: Yeah, yer a window-rattler, son.

Grandfather: He can’t help having a hideous great hooter. And the poor little head trembling under the weight of it.

Grandfather: It’s your nose, you know. Fans are funny that way. They take a dislike to things. They’ll pick on a nose.
Ringo: Ah, you pick on your own.

Ringo: ’Ey. Any of you lot put a man in the cupboard?

Paul: He’s probably in the middle of some orgy by now!
Everyone: Orgy?! Oh yeah! Woo!
Old Man: B-b-b-b-ut, what about me?
John: You’re too old.

John: We know how to behave; we’ve had lessons.

Shake: I’m with them. I’m uh, Ringo’s sister.

Ringo: Ah, well, easy come, easy go! Well?

George: Torpedoed again, eh?

Reporter: Tell me, uh, how did you find America?
John: Turn left at Greenland.

Reporter: Has success changed your life?
George: Yes.

Reporter: Are you a mod or a rocker?
Ringo: Umm, no, I’m a mocker.

Reporter: Uh, what would you call that uh, hairstyle you’re wearing?
George: Arthur.

Reporter: What do you call that collar?
Ringo: Mmm… a collar.

Reporter: Do you often see your father?
Paul: No, actually, we’re just good friends.

Ringo: We’re out!

Man: I suppose you realize this is private property.
George: Sorry we hurt your field, mister.

John: She looks more like him than I do.

George: They’re dead grotty!

George: She’s a drag, a well-known drag. You turn the sound down on her and say rude things.

John: I now declare this bridge… open!

John: Standing about, eh? Some people have it dead easy.

Norm: Ringo, what are you up to?
Ringo: Page five.

Paul: Oh, that this too too solid flesh would melt. ZAP!

John: ’Ey, he’s reading the Queen! That’s an in-joke, you know.


John: I can get you on the stage.
Makeup Artist: Oh, how?
John: You turn right here at the corridor and go past the fireplace.

John: ’Ey kids, I’ve got an idea! Why don’t we do the show right here, yeah!

John: She’s gonna show me her stamp collection.
Paul: So’s mine.
Girl: Oh, but, I haven’t got any stamps!

Grandfather: And what's it all come to in the end?
Ringo: Yeah. What’s in it for me?
Grandfather: A book!
Ringo: Yeah, a blooming book!

George: Hey Ringo, you know what just happened to me?
Ringo: No, I don’t.

Paul: Oh, we were looking for Ringo, but we realized he must have come back here.

Grandfather: All coppers are villains.
Sergeant: Would you two like a cup of tea?
Grandfather: See? Sly villains.
Ringo: Um, no, thank you, Mr. Sergeant, sir, no, not for me, please, don’t.

Sergeant: What is all this?
John: Hold on… Catch my breath!
Sergeant: Fine, are you alright now?
John: Yeah. Uh?
[John runs away]

John: But you took a wrong turn, and what happened? You’re a lonely old man from Liverpool.
Grandfather: But I’m clean.
John: Are ya?