Ringo Starr Quotes

200 Motels

Host: What’s the deal?
Ringo: He made me do it, Dave. He’s such a creep.

Ringo: He wants me to f— the girl with the harp.

[Ringo laughs evilly]

Ringo: I’ll see you later when we play.
Band Member: What?
Ringo: I don’t expect you to understand that because, um, we haven’t formed the group yet.

Ringo: Some will enter the military, some will learn shorthand, and some will disappear in the middle of the night on a special train they’re sending in. It’s the only way really to bring about the final solution to the orchestra question.

Ringo: The power of pop music to corrupt and putrify the minds of world youth are virtually limitless.

Ringo: I stuff three pair of socks and a bar of beauty soap down the front of my pants.

Ringo: Hello there. All the guys in the band are pretending to get ready so they can go out and find some pussy.


Ringo: Cut! Cut! Look at her, not the camera, you fool!
Actor: But where you’ve got the camera doesn’t show my best feature!
Ringo: We can’t get the camera inside your pants!

Ringo: What’s the word?
Assistant: What word, sir?
Ringo: The word! What’s the word?
Assistant: Action?
Ringo: Action—ACTION!

Ringo: You know when your wife was my wife, your wife was some wife. I only hope my wife is your wife like your wife was my wife.