Magical Mystery Tour Quotes

Ringo: Should do a bit of knitting, do you good.
Aunt Jesse: Who for, you? Shall I knit for you?
Ringo: No, don’t knit for me.

All: Good morning Miss Winters, Miss Winters, Miss Winters.

Ringo: Why?

Jolly Jimmy: If you look to your left, ladies and gentlemen, the view is not very inspiring. Ah, but if you look to your right…

Ringo: Where da buth? Hm! Where da buth?
Paul: Shh!
Ringo: Where’s da buth?
George: It’s coming!
Ringo: Where’s da buth?!
Paul: The bus. The bus is ten miles north on the Duesberry Road.

Mr. Bloodvessel: I am the courier. Good morning, men. And. Women. Welcome. I am your friendly courier. Mister Bloodvessel is my name. Buster Bloodvessel. I am concerned for you to enjoy yourselves. Within the limits of British decency. You know what I mean. Don’t you. Well, don’t you?

John: I’ve got present for you, do you know what it is?
Nicola: No.
John: Have a guess.
Nicola: No!
John: Go on, have a guess.
Nicola: No!
John: Have a guess.
Nicola: No!
John: Have a guess!
Nicola: Nooo!

John: Aight, should we give it to George?
Nicola: Yes.
John: There you are, George.
George: Thank you.

John: I was half an hour looking for the sugar! Hee!

Paul: And they’re having a lovely time!
John and Ringo: They’re having a lovely time! They’re having a lovely time!

Mal: Would you tell me what’s next on the agenda?
George: A song.