I Wanna Hold Your Hand Quotes

Ed Sullivan: And so, I want you to be prepared for excessive screaming, hysteria, hyperventilation, fainting, fits, seizures, spasmodic convulsions, even attempted suicides. All perfectly normal. Merely means that these youngsters are enjoying themselves.

Rosie: AHH! Oh my god! Oh my god! It’s Paul! Oh, I’m gonna die! Oh my god! It’s Paul! It’s Paul! Oh, I’m gonna die right here! He’s so cute! So sexy!
Pam: …He’s cardboard!

[Tony sees Janis’ sign]
Tony: Whaddaya got? “Beatles”… what is this thing? “Beatles Undermine Artistic…”
Janis: “Integrity”!
Tony: Well, I never woulda figured on you for a Beatles fan!
Janis: I loathe The Beatles!
Tony: Not me, I hate ’em! Ugh!

Tony: I think Dubois here deserves a big round of applause. As you can see, he got us to New York, safe and sound, and in record time, too. Well, it only took him, uh, seven hours. Heh heh, usually takes me only twenty minutes, but then, I generally don’t go by way of Philadelphia!

Lady: Never in my life have I seen such a disgusting display of vulgarity as I’ve witnessed in this hotel. Young girls screaming and running about. Helter skelter!

Girl: I stole the money from my mother so I could come here, because I love John! Actually, I love all the Beatles, but I especially love John! Someday I’m gonna marry John!
Reporter: Uh but, isn’t John already married?
Girl: Yeah, but he can get a divorce, or his wife could get in a plane crash, or she could drown, or anything could happen, because John has to marry me! He has to, or else I’ll kill myself!

Richard: Those guys already left!
Rosie: When?
Richard: About five minutes ago.
Rosie: Ohh…!
Richard: Well actually, it was closer to four minutes ago.

Richard: I can’t go in there! This elevator isn’t lined up properly!

Murray The K: You’re a deranged person, but keep your chin up.

Richard: Here’s some great snapshots I got when the Beatles arrived at Kennedy Airport.
Rosie: Ohh, did you get any pictures of the Beatles?
Richard: Yeah, well, I didn’t exactly see the Beatles, but I got some great shots of their suitcases.
Rosie: Wow…

Murray The K: Right, who’s the youngest Beatle?
Richard: Ringo!
Rosie: George!
Murray The K: Aww…
Richard: It’s Ringo! Ringo, you crackpot!

Girl: She thinks you look like Paul.
Tony: Oh yeah, lots of people tell me I look like Newman.

Beatle #1 (George): Somebody call the porter up here, I need me trousers cleaned.
Beatle #2 (Paul): Well take ’em off then. I mean, you know, we can’t clean ’em with you standing in ’em.
Beatle #1 (George): Good idea.
[Beatle #1 unzips his pants]
Pam: Ohh…

Richard: Yeah, I get it! You’re just like all the rest. You’re in love with the Beatles ’til somebody better comes along, huh? Well, I got news for ya! Where I come from, they’ve got a name for people like you! You’re a traitor, and I don’t associate with traitors, so you can just quit tagging along with me! Am-scray, sister!

Grace: I just thought of something I could sell.
Larry: Why don’t you tell me? Maybe I can sell some too.
Grace: I don’t think so, Larry.

Neil: Is that the bird that was under Lennon’s bed?
Cop: Bird?
Neil: Girl.
Cop: Girl. Girl. That’s her, yeah!
Neil: Well, I just spoke to Brian. And it’s very important we keep her here for a while, okay?
Cop: No sweat.
Neil: I beg your pardon?
Cop: Uh, no problem.

Father: Hey, watch where you’re walking!
Tony: Hey, this is a free country! I can walk where I want!
Father: Then walk on the expressway!

Father: Got into town last night, and I saw him from the back, I thought it was my daughter!
Barber: Hmm.
Father: I told him, “If you don’t get a haircut, you’ll have to wear a sign!”.

Janis: Oh, my God! He’s just been hit by a bus!

Rosie: Oh no, you better not, that looks awful dangerous.
Richard: Dangerous? Why, this isn’t dangerous! I’ll tell you what’s dangerous! The time I got thrown off the Long Island Railroad. Now, that was dangerous!

Rosie: Oh, it’s hopeless, the show’s already started, we may as well forget about it.
Richard: Forget about it? Forget about the Beatles? What’s the matter, are you screwy or something?

Pam: I’ve just realized that there are more things in life for me besides marriage.
Eddie: More… more things…? Like what?
Pam: …Like the Beatles!

Richard: Would you like me to take my coat off, too?
Ed Sullivan: All right. Take that off, too, but sit down, please! …Jesus Christ!

Studio Man #1: How do I know which one’s Ringo?
Studio Man #2: I think he plays the guitar.
Studio Man #1: What guitar? There’s three guitars.

Grace: It’s a one way street!
Larry: I’m only going one way!